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Essential Comedy Movies to Watch Now

Essential Comedy Movies to Watch Now

Everybody loves a good dose of comedy every now and then; comedy scenes can help people forget their troubles and get some sort of relaxation. If you are a fan of comedy Telugu movies, you need to learn about the different comedy movies that you can watch on aha.

Before you search for Telugu movies to watch online, you must know which movies to watch. In this guide, you will learn about some Telugu comedy movies you can watch online on aha’s OTT site.

Important Comedy Movies to Watch

Some of the top comedy movies that you must watch on aha are as follows:

Pellikuturu party

If you want to have some laughs while watching a movie, this is the Telugu movie you need to see. This movie has many surprising twists and turns, and AparnaMalladi directs this film. The film stars Prince, AneeshaDama, ArjunKalyan, Seeta, Jayatri, Saikeerthan, and Phani in big roles, and you can find both action and emotion in this film.

This movie begins with a marriage discussion as AneeshaDama’s elder sister Nandumarries, and soon Aneehsa kisses her would-be brother-in-law. She feels guilty and decides to change the bridegroom. Watch the movie on aha to find out what happens next.


This is one of the best Telugu movies to watch online,and the director of the movie is GnanasagarDwaraka. This movie stars Harsh Kanumilli, SimranChoudhary, Koti, AbhinavGonatam, Praneeth Reddy, Akshataa, and SnehaVilidindi in lead roles. It is also the debut film of hero Harsh Kanumilli and director GnanasagarDwaraka.

Varun( HarshKanumilli) is a rich person who is also childish at heart, and he looks to marry a girl who ismoregorgeous than her ex-girlfriend. His wedding gets fixed with Aliya (SnehaVilidindi), and later, Varun develops strong feelings for Amulya and wants to call off his marriage. Watch the Telugu movie onaha ott to find out what happens next.

Another Movie Named Sammathame That You Must Watch

This is another famous Telugu movie that you can watch on aha. The film stars KiranAbbavaram, ChandiniChowdary, and Saddam Hussein in important roles. Gopinath Reddy directs the movie, and this is something that you would not want to miss.

The story revolves around Krishna (KiranAbbavaram), whose only aim is to get married to an orthodox girl who has the same qualities as his mother. Later, he meets Sanvi(ChandniChowdary), a modern city girl who has much broader thoughts, and falls in love with her. But their ideologies often clash, and the rest of the story forms around how both make peace with each other irrespective of their ideologies.

Watch the Latest Comedy Movies on aha

If you are a fan of Telugu comedy movies and want to watch the movies listed above, you can subscribe to aha’s OTT platform today. Aha is one of the best OTT sites where you can watch the latest Telugu comedy movies.